Augmented Reality In Future Construction

Plus, Meis Architects creates sustainable stadium seating from oceans’ plastic waste, Volvo develops 3D-printed marine habitats for Sydney Harbor, and more design-tech news from this week.

Why Norman Foster Scoops Daylight into his Buildings.

Melbourne, Australia–based software company Fologram is utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology to increase the speed and accuracy of complex brick or timber construction. A case study video on the company’s website shows a construction crew from All Brick construction and the University of Tasmania, in Australia, erecting a parametric wall using a Microsoft HoloLens headset and a holographic model created by the 3D modeling software Rhino. Working from the holographic model, the bricklaying team completed the parametric wall in seven hours, as opposed to weeks, which this construction project would normally be expected to take. According to Fologram, this technology can eliminate the need for referencing architectural drawings on construction sites and save weeks of project time. The software is now in the testing phase.

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